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CakeLove in the Morning

Warren Brown spreads his CakeLove magic on America’s favorite course—breakfast! In CakeLove in the Morning, Warren covers everything: pancakes and French toast, frittatas and omelets, quick breads and cereals, bacon and biscuits.

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United Cakes of America

In his follow-up to CakeLove, Warren Brown brings us a delectable cake for every state.

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cakelove-how-to-bake-cakes-from-scratchCAKELOVE: Cakes Made From Scratch

In this first book from Warren, you’ll find all you need to know about baking cakes from scratch.

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Press for Warren’s Books

United Cakes of America

Warren to join fellow celebrated authors at the National Press Club’s 33rd Annual Book Fair & Authors’ Night on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010

The club is partnering again this year with The SEED Foundation, which helps prepare underserved students for college success at public boarding schools in the District and Maryland. The Book Fair is helping to develop the school library at the foundation’s new Maryland campus. Click here for details.

United Cakes on NBC’s Today Show

Warren bakes Delaware coffee cake and other favorites from and his bookUnited Cakes of America on NBC’s Today show:

United Cakes on NPR

nprWarren was featured with his book United Cakes of America on NPR Weekend Edition Sunday as part of their July 4th programming. Listen here.

Sweet Things: CakeLove’s Warren Brown, ‘United Cakes of America,’ at Borders Silver Spring

expressNightOutRoxana Hadadi reports: In “United Cakes of America,” Brown highlights a recipe from each state, plus the District and Puerto Rico. These include classics, such as red velvet, and regional treats such as Texas sheet cake and Mississippi mud cake. “I had this idea for the book so early on in my career of CakeLove — this was back in 2003, 2004,” Brown said. “So whenever I would travel, I would just kind of pick up recipes and pick up stories.” Read more.

js-onlineCakeLove rises in all states

In this interview with Warren, he says, “One of the reasons I wrote the books was to get people into the kitchen. If you have an appreciation for making something from scratch, you’re hopefully just a bit more curious about the world…” Read more.


CAKELOVE: Cakes Made From Scratch

In this first book from Warren, you’ll find all you need to know about baking cakes from scratch. Visit Abrams Books to learn more about the book and purchase it.

todayShowWarren on NBC’s Today Show

Warren Brown shows TODAY’s Natalie Morales how to bake up some delicious cakes that are part of his new book.

Check out the featured recipes:
Click here to see recipes from the show

Catch a recording of the show:
Click here to see the video on

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in Tysons Corner, VA

Photos courtesy of Armughan “AJ” Javaid


Brown’s secrets are out

canton_examinerYou no longer have to guess what
makes CakeLove’s moist cakes and rich buttercreams so irresistible. In his first cookbook, the founder of the sprawling CakeLove bakeries, writes the answers in mouth-watering detail. Check it out (PDF).

Warren Brown Puts CakeLove on Paper

arlingtonConnectionWarren Brown is a busy man. The founder of CakeLove is opening his bakery’s sixth location later this year, is engaged with a wedding planned for October, and has just come out with a book, CakeLove: How to Bake Cakes from Scratch. The lawyer-turned-baker agreed to sit down and answer a few questions during a recent stop on his book tour in Shirlington where a CakeLove bakery is located. Read more.

Erin Cooks blogs about her CakeLove-inspired Mojito Pound Cake

erincooks“. . . you’re in luck as Warren has recently released a gorgeous cookbook dedicated to the art of making some of his most popular CakeLove recipes.

I don’t use the term “art” loosely. These cake are involved masterpieces. Don’t be lulled into complacency by the brightly colored layout and upbeat color schemes. The pages of this book may be designed to imply simplicity and ease but in reality this cookbook is more boot camp than day camp.”Read more.

The Modesto Bee shares Warren’s Yellow Butter Cake Recipe

modbee“Potato starch is Brown’s secret ingredient. It’s available in specialty baking or ethnic food aisles in the grocery store. Cocoa powder can be substituted for the potato starch in this recipe, yielding chocolate butter cake.” Read more.

Publisher’s Weekly Review

pubWeekly“Brown takes the intimidation factor out of baking with easy-to-follow recipes while entertaining with his upbeat and casual writing style.” Read more.

Warren’s New Book is featured in Baltimore Magazine

bmoreMag“I liked the idea of sharing what I learned,” says Brown, 37, who recently opened a CakeLove in Canton. Read more.

libraryjournalOur First Book Review

Judith Sutton from the Library Journal informs readers about our new cookbook. Read more.