Gluten Free

“Baking without wheat flour, the very foundation of baking, was a real challenge. My goal was to create not just gluten-free* sweets, but gluten-free sweets that tasted just as good as any other CakeLove product. Happily, during the process I produced great gluten-free cakes and pastries, and I became a better baker.” – Mary

About Gluten-Free products

Celiac disease, also known as gluten allergy, is a genetic disorder that causes gas and severe pain in the stomach and intestines. Those affected are not able to break down gluten, a protein that’s in wheat flour, oats, and barley. The only treatment for this disorder is to totally avoid foods with gluten. Our regular products are made with wheat flour and have gluten.On our Green Label we use our own custom mix of starches and non-gluten flours. Recipes may contain: potato starch, brown rice flour, garbanzo bean flour, rice flour, sweet rice flour or tapioca flour. Products are available now for purchase and orders can be placed with  4-day notice. Please check with the shop you would like to order from.

Yellow Cake: Two layers of vanilla cake filled and frosted with vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Cake: Two layers of chocolate cake filled and frosted with vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Strawberries & Cream Cake: Fresh strawberries are paired with layers of fluffy, vanilla Gluten Free cake. Real Gluten Free vanilla extract richly flavors the buttercream that robes this beautiful, popular cake.

Cupcakes: Yellow or chocolate cake topped with vanilla or chocolate butter frosting.
$4.20 each
$25.20 half dozen


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*Our gluten-free products contain no gluten of any kind, but are baked in a gluten environment. Prices subject to change without notice.