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Is CakeLove in a Jar the same as CakeLove cakes?

The principles -- quality ingredients, natural sweeteners, baking from scratch -- remain the same, but the recipes are different. CakeLove cakes are more traditional cakes, whereas CakeLove in a Jar can be eaten cold or even frozen. 

I can eat this frozen?

That's right: CakeLove in a Jar tastes great at room temperature, refrigerated, or even frozen.  

Do I need to keep it frozen?

No, but you do need to keep it cold because the frosting is made with real cream cheese and butter.

What about gluten-free cakes?

We make gluten-free versions of the salty caramel and triple chocolate.  

What about allergens?

CakeLove in a Jar contains milk, eggs, wheat, and soy, and is processed in a facility that processes peanuts.

What can I do with the jar when I'm done?

Please recycle the jars and lids.  They are made of recyclable, BPA-free plastic, which we hope you will dispose of responsibly or wash and reuse.  We strive to be environmentally-friendly and hope to switch to jars made from compostable materials in the future once they become more widely available.

Can I still order layer cakes and cupcakes from CakeLove?

Yes: for those in the DC metro area who wish to order layer cakes and cupcakes, please go to "Classic CakeLove."