Cake Care

Product Information, Serving Instructions
and Storage Guidelines

Serve cake @ room temp? Yes, it tastes better!

Does CakeLove refrigerate custom ordered cakes and cupcakes? Yes, we follow the health department guidelines for handling dairy and freshly made pastry creams.

Cold versus room temp, does it matter? Yes, a lot. We bake with real butter because it defines the taste of homemade baking. But cold butter in a cake, buttercream or a cupcake will feel hard, lack taste and ruin your day. In order to protect our customers we comply with local health department regulations and refrigerate some of our products.

How long will it take to hit room temp? 5 to 15 minutes for cupcakes and slices. Allow at least two hours for cakes. The larger the cake, the more time that is required.

In a rush? We don’t recommend it but… you can microwave slices or cupcakes for 10 seconds.

CakeLove Product Serving Guide

Please refer to this guide for maximum enjoyment.

Recommended Serving Temperature
Overnight storage
Layered Cakes Remove from box and set out on counter at least 2 hours before event. Under cake dome or in fridge if cake is too soft or includes fruit or cream cheese icing.
Cupcakes Room temperature. Store in box on counter.
Éclairs Room temperature. Or place on a cookie sheet in an oven set to 300°F for 5-7 minutes. Refrigerate.
Bedrolls Straight from the fridge or at room temperature. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
Brownies, cookies, scones Room temperature. Cookie jar.

Serve Cake at Room TemperatureCake Cutting

Cut like a pro. If you’re serving a lot of people quickly, keep your knife in a pitcher of hot/warm water between slices. It will help give you clean, sharp edges with each slice.