Looking ahead into 2017 we've made the decision to focus entirely on CakeLove in a jar. It's been a long time coming as this year has been very focused on the jars and the momentum is behind us with them. We're very excited and glad that CakeLove in a jar has been well received. We couldn't have done it without your feedback! 

Effectively immediately, we're no longer taking orders for layer cakes. 

As we retire the line of layer cakes, I want to thank all of our customers, fans and friends who have supported us since the beginning of CakeLove who have purchased layer cakes and cupcakes (and a lot of other baked goods). 

If you're ambitious enough  and want to recreate some of our layer cakes, find recipes in any of my cookbooks, especially CakeLove, how to bake cakes from scratch.  There you can find the cake, buttercream and filling recipes that we used at the storefront bakeries.

Best wishes for the holidays and New Year - Warren


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