CakeLove is all about love.

I started CakeLove in 2002 because I've always enjoyed sharing my love for food.  I started making Thanksgiving meals for my family at 14.  I cooked meals for my roommates in college.  I even created a study group called Gastronomy and the Law when I was in law school and shared my culinary experiments with my law school classmates.  CakeLove is just a natural extension of what I've been doing all my life: bringing people together through food.  This desire to share the love continues to drive CakeLove today.  

After more than a decade of CakeLove, do you still love baking and being an entrepreneur?

I do!  Don't get me wrong -- being an entrepreneur requires 110% of my time (just ask my wife!) but I do still love it.  

As for baking, I love it now more than ever. I love that I'm constantly learning and still refining my craft. When I was testing recipes for my fourth cookbook (PieLove) in 2012, I experimented with blending different fats. It was like a science experiment: is coconut oil better than canola? Or does palm oil work better? Should I use whole milk, 2% milk, half & half, cream with 36% fat or 40% fat? What kind of flour? What kind of salt?

I love asking these kinds of questions and losing myself in the science of baking. I know it's nerdy but that's how I have "fun" at 4 o'clock in the morning while experimenting in the kitchen. 

What's your favorite part about the business?

I love connecting with people and cakes allow me to do that.  

CakeLove in a Jar is the result of engaging with our customers and soliciting their ideas and feedback.  I'm very excited to be able to use their input and create something delicious.  


 Warren with his wife and two daughters

Warren with his wife and two daughters