About Cake Bites

As summer is winding down and we’re heading into a new season in a few weeks, I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to our fans and customers. Thank you for all of your help with the feedback on the development of “Cake Bites!” We couldn’t have done it without you!


The experience of developing Cake Bites has really been eye opening and beneficial. For those of you not as familiar with what we’ve been spending a lot of our time on over the past 6 months, we’ve developed fantastic combinations of cake and cream cheese icings in four-ounce jars that will be sold not only at CakeLove, but at local grocers in and around the metro area.

The idea hatched in late February after a fun collaboration in Silver Spring with Cap Mac in which we experimented with the idea of flavoring and selling flavored cream cheese icing.   I thought just dropping cubes of cake and caramel into the icing would be enough to make a compelling product , but months of focus groups and tastings showed us the flavors and combos of cake & icing that you prefer. Your input shaped the development of Cake Bites –from the cake to frosting ratio all the way to the name! We couldn’t have done it without you– thank you for enthusiastic support!

As an added bonus, all of the time and feedback listening to your comments about the recipes, buttercream and CakeLove in general were really helpful.

Look for fully labeled jars of Cake Bites at CakeLove starting in mid-September! And even more exciting – look for Cake Bites launching at local area gourmet grocery stores in late September. We’ll send out a full list of where Cake Bites will debut in the coming weeks.