Pie Classes coming up…

As I’m sure you already know, I don’t blog much.  I try, but running the day-to-day of business takes up mega-loads of time and I don’t want waste your valuable time with updates that aren’t all that meaningful. I guess I hope that this one is meaningful enough to qualify as time well spent!

I just wanted to express how much I really appreciated the great interest and enthusiasm from all of the students at the Summer Cupcake class series hosted by Living Social at 918 F St. We had a blast! Vic Harris (CakeLove’s Social Media guru extraordinaire) nearly simulcast one of the classes with live tweets, which went a long way to show how much fun it was.  You all were great students – patient, curious and open to new ideas. I loved helping troubleshoot why cakes weren’t rising for your favorite home recipes, giving suggestions on equipment to purchase, and just talking about recipes and ingredients. I don’t get to talk about the food nearly as much as I’d like to, but with the class series it’s pretty much just that and I love it.

So we’re coming back with more classes this fall on the art of making pies! My latest book PieLove will publish on October 1st and I’m psyched to partner again with Living Social to hold a class on pies in October and November – visit or to find available class dates.