On my locks—where did they go?

Yes, I cut my hair. It’s not that big of a deal! At least I didn’t think it would be. But a lot of people have asked, so I figure I better comment on it.

I cut my locks off in the Fall of 2011. I needed a change and I have two young girls, so I need as much time as I can get when I’m at home. All of the parents out there know where I’m coming from. More of it was leaving me prematurely than I care to mention, too. And I swim a lot so being bald or nearly hairless on top is very easy going in and out of the pool. Plus, it’s just a lot easier with a close cut when you’re in the kitchen. So thanks for all of the nods of support. If you’re out there and riding the fence about letting it all go, give it a shot… it feels good.